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nwhitfield works as a software developer. Her specialty is solving business problems and delivering superior value using active collaboration, business savvy, technical expertise. She is an accomplished musician, composer, conductor and avid beginning golfer.

More Fall Thoughts

My housemate went to Maui for a week. For some strange reason, I offered to take care of her dog while she was gone. Before you think I’m completely off my rocker, I must explain that on a a scale … Continue reading

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Happy Fall

This is a wonderful time of year in Utah. Temps are averaging in the 80 -90 degree range, there is sunshine every day, a little crispness in the air during the mornings, and the leaves are just starting to turn … Continue reading

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Stats lie

I thought there would be some interest in my pics based on blog stats, but that turned out to be a fallacy. Oh well….. Too bad; they are great pics, but if it’s not your thing or you “just don’t … Continue reading

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Peru pictures. Please give feedback!

Photographic memories from my summer vacation to Macchu Picchu, Cusco, Sacred Valley and Lima, Peru. Continue reading

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Back to normal life

what is ‘normal’? Continue reading

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adventures in peru

I broke down and purchased a digital camera in Lima Peru. You know how they say the best laid plans get sent awry…. I was going to tough it out with disposable cameras, but soon realized the futility of that … Continue reading

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On the road again

Take a walk on the wild side Continue reading

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back from the abyss

Catching up on old business and new Continue reading

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MS Office 2007 impressions— hmmmm

I’ve recently been using this project to acquaint myself with the new technology. It has a slick “new century” kind of feel and the real-time zooming is cool – I guess they want it to compliment the new Windows Vista operating … Continue reading

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Isn’t it funny how everyone blogs about “LIFE”? — AKA the “meaning of life”

Is it just me, or is it really true that every time I visit this site, I see that “Life” is the leading tag for new posts? What exactly does that mean? I mean, if we are all alive (and … Continue reading

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