I was one of the first graduates from Neumont University in South Jordan UT and am now happily employed in the industry as a software developer.

Although most familiar with Microsoft technologies and languages, I actively seek out opportunities to learn other technologies and to work with open source tools as often as possible because every user has unique needs that may not be met by a single vendor’s technology.  I believe it is highly preferable to select the correct tool for the job at hand rather than to try and do everything with one tool (although it is often quite tempting!)   🙂


2 Responses to About

  1. jason cale says:

    Hi Nadine,

    I’ve been asked to help fill a great ASP.NET job opening up in Logan, UT so I just wanted to ask if there are any friends or former coworkers who could have an interest in such a role. I do have a job description that I could send as well.

    (435) 752 3232

    • nwhitfield says:

      Hi Jason-
      Thanks for your comment! I would be interested in seeing the job description and passing it on to some colleauges. However, at the moment I am on vacation and will be visiting some places that may or may not have internet, so I cannot promise anything solid for at least a week. If that is OK, send it on; otherwise, I think perhaps I should pass.

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