Peru pictures. Please give feedback!

At last! My photos from South America

Hello All- I am excited to share my photos taken while traveling in South America this summer.
The first half of the trip (Galapagos Islands) is still in in progress…the photos I took there were taken with conventional film and need to be converted to digital format, but the last half of the trip (Peru) was shot in full digital glory. Trouble is, I ended up with more than 800 images!

I love them all, but realize you may not have the same patience, so I’ve reduced the count to around 180 and split them into albums. I’ve uploaded the albums to .

Please click Here to visit the album homepage.

From here you can view them as a slideshow, view them individually, download copies, order prints or even post comments (which are very welcome from me 🙂 )

Whichever way you choose to view them, I think you will gain a good sense of the trip’s flavor and perhaps even feel like you are there. Enjoy and please give feedback!

– Nadine


About nwhitfield

nwhitfield works as a software developer. Her specialty is solving business problems and delivering superior value using active collaboration, business savvy, technical expertise. She is an accomplished musician, composer, conductor and avid beginning golfer.
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