adventures in peru

I broke down and purchased a digital camera in Lima Peru.

You know how they say the best laid plans get sent awry….

I was going to tough it out with disposable cameras, but soon realized the futility of that plan when I used up three disposable cameras in the first 4 days. Que Lastima! The first half of our trip was in the Galapagos Islands, but those pictures will not available until after I return home because they were shot on film. I enjoy shooting candid photos, and am fascinated by the detail and perspective you can get from taking close-up “marcro” type shots as well. Disposable cameras severely limited my options for both of these kinds of shots, and knowing I would have to wait so long to see anything was simply unbearable. Although I realize no camera can capture images as well as the human eye, I decided to take the plunge and try to come as close to it as possible by getting a digital camera of my own.

Our tour guide Franz recommended a department store near our hotel in the Miraflores district of Lima Peru that sold digital cameras. Using my college Spanish, I was able to find the photo counter and explain to the saleslady what type of camera I was seeking to buy – it needed to be near the middle of the scale in price and have “point and shoot” capabilities but also allow some room for custom settings so I could experiment with different types of shots. I also wanted something that could capture video clips (just in case something fascinating happened near me). She helped me choose a fine middle-quality camera that I have been very happy with so far…a SamSung L310W. The charger is for 220 Volts with funky plugs (standard Peruvian electrical connectors), so once I return to the States, I will need to use a converter, but it will forever serve as a reminder of this magical trip! I was able to pick up the camera and an 8 GB compact flash memory card for about $326.00 USD, so I think I came out pretty well.

I have posted a couple of “teaser” shots and will post more (possibly an album) once I get back home.


first glimpse of macchu picchu


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2 Responses to adventures in peru

  1. Sonny says:

    That picture is awesome. I wanna go there! Maybe when the kids are older, studying at Neumont.

    • nwhitfield says:

      Hey thanks for the comment, and nice to hear from you!

      Macchu was simply amazing. I had to pinch myself several times to be sure I wasn’t just dreaming.

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