On the road again

Wow, it’s been a busy week!
We just got off the boat from cruising the Ecuadorian Galapagos Islands for three days. The wildlife was completely unafraid of us and we got to do lots of snorkeling and swimming in the Pacific Ocean. The last two times we went snorkeling, some sea lions decided to join us, and we saw a 6 foot shark — not sure what kind, but I was not inclined to investigate! This place is truly a “paradise on earth”.

I did not get my act together enough to purchase a digital camera before the trip, so my pictures will be coming later (or sooner if I can borrow from other people in our group).

Today, we’re heading out of Ecuador from Guayaquil and on to Lima Peru.


About nwhitfield

nwhitfield works as a software developer. Her specialty is solving business problems and delivering superior value using active collaboration, business savvy, technical expertise. She is an accomplished musician, composer, conductor and avid beginning golfer.
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